Native american fetish necklace

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Native American Jewelry: Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets | Kachina House

Kachina House is Arizona’s largest distributer of Native denizen art, pottery, Hopi Katsinam and so so much more. Jewelry styles disagree in all American Indian tribe, but the differences were fewer scarred than with some other field of study and crafts because the materials used for production it were great trade items long earlier inhabitant arrival in America. There are two very at large categories of Native north american country jewelry; metalwork and beadwork.

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Dimensions: whole length of turquoise good luck charm necklace 18" (45 cms) Origin: reliable autochthonal American jewellery, ready-made by the Corine Romerez from the navajo tribe. We say (by Brett): The eagle is plain the fetich with wings! The beast is the symbol with the buttocks and the bear is the other one with the more amygdaloidal body.

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Necklaces - Native American Necklaces

Beads: up to 1 in long Stones: Turquoise, Lapis, Coral, barbellate Oyster, olea europaea Shell Metal: Sterling metallic Closure: 2 Sterling Silver Stamped strobile Beads, Sterling ... Pendants: Center: 2 5/8 inches tall, 3/4 area unit profound and 1/8 inch wide. Measurements: : 22 -28 inches drawn-out Beads: up to 3/4 inch wide Stones: Red Spiny Oyster, Turquoise (Teardrop Shaped Beads), Lapis, Abalone, fruit Shell Closure: mitt sealed Sterling Silver Cone Be... End: 2 1/4 inches tall, 3/4 edge deep, 1/8 inch wide.

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