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Event Id 23 Could Not Set The Mouse Resolution

software. Custom tooltips are now supported. Otherwise, check the connections. Changed bar-like (bars and boxes) intervals to be consistent with bar-like charts. http://strobelfilms.com/event-id/event-id-22-could-not-set-the-mouse-sample-rate.html

Added functions to set and get row properties on DataTable and DataView. Source Event Log Event ID Event Type i8042prt System 23 Error User Action: If the mouse is still working correctly then no action is needed. New generic ready event which is fired when a particular visualization is ready for methods to be called. There should be no visible changes in chart features due to this update. have a peek here

Set the magnifyingGlass option to {enable: false}. myfriend12 commented Aug 20, 2016 Mine also still does not start running the new beta. I had to also set the DNS servers in the docker settings window to be fixed at Full Details In addition to the new features, we introduced the following changes in this release: Improved latency issues in motion chart (especially on IE).

Allow the Annotation Chart to specify the order of annotations table, using the table.sortAscending option. Support styled maps. A new version (0.7) of the Google Visualization API query language with the following features: Support for calculated columns. Fixed an annotated timeline labeling bug.

Calendar: Now uses more than two colors from the colorAxis.colors array option when colorAxis.values is unspecified. If you discover any issues in the release candidate, you should send a message to the Visualization API developer discussion group with the details of the problem. Adding the ability to specify Sankey interactivity via the chart options. http://www.eventid.net/display-eventid-23-source-i8042prt-eventno-43-phase-1.htm Fix sizing problems with multiple charts on the same page.

February 22, 2012 Added gradient color mode to bubble chart. Already have an account? You signed in with another tab or window. Return to Jump to: Select a forum ------------------ Adiscon Support MonitorWare Product Line MonitorWare Agent MonitorWare Console EventReporter WinSyslog Database

Fix startup animation when used with ChartWrapper. try this Verify that the Virtual Machine Management service on the computer is running. Add Material line chart. A new version (0.6) of the Google Visualization API wire protocol with the following features: Additional query options with enhanced security.

There are several other people around who are facing the exact same issue while not beeing related to docker at all. news Google Docs Chart Editor Made various improvements to switching tabs. I already posted mine here: docker/docker#25443 I'll just copy it over here: Output of docker version: Client: Version: 1.12.0 API version: 1.24 Go version: go1.6.3 Git commit: 8eab29e Built: Thu Jul Geomap - Now supports internationalized tool tip strings.

Contributor rneugeba commented Aug 8, 2016 In general, several of us run the anniversary update (including WSL) and we do test releases on it as well and we haven't seen any Added ARIA labels to improve accessibility. This email will include these usage instructions. have a peek at these guys rneugeba closed this Sep 29, 2016 rneugeba removed the will-be-closed label Sep 29, 2016 oparoz commented Oct 1, 2016 The statement in the documentation is no longer true.

londoncalling commented Sep 6, 2016 @Morgy93 thanks for providing more info on this. @friism @rneugeba I'll further update the FAQ and troubleshooting to clarify that this issue extends to many applications. Fixed Bugs Spreadsheet authentication errors have been fixed, and error messages clarified. Added functions to set and get table properties on DataTable and DataView.

It usually indicates a poor quality KVM switch.

Subtitle is now supported when using convertOptions(). October 6, 2014 Word Trees Accessibility Adding table with data for screen readers. Actions - Now you can add more interactivity to your tooltips. Histogram: Fixed formatting of tooltip items to use formatted values.

New chart: Stepped Area. Added following features to pie chart: chartArea, to specify the size and positioning of the chart area within the chart boundaries. Use THEAD and TH elements for table header. check my blog The object might have been deleted, or you might not have permission to perform the task.

This message shows that your installation appears to be working correctly. Material light theme added (add theme: material option). Source:i8042prt. The overall refresh-rate cannot get better than the refresh-rateCould not set the mouse resolution.

Map now provides the Terrain type. Removed duplicate table used for frozen table header. Better handling of annotation bundles (i.e., multiple annotations on the same data point / domain value). However the original issue that @sdevane reported is a different issue in MobyLinuxVM: 'MobyLinuxVM' failed to start worker process: The process terminated unexpectedly.

Bounding Boxes We've documented getBoundingBox() and several related methods that let you extract information about where chart elements are drawn on the screen. Annotated timeline now supports 10 locales. Now supports variable-width in bar, column, and stepped area charts, when you setbars { variableWidth: true }. March 25, 2014 Point shapes Added a new top-level pointShape option.

Loader changes: Support multiple calls of google.charts.load ChartWrapper instances can be called with a dynamically loaded chartType.