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Error Could Not Find Packlist /tmp/applications.xml

As with the pkg_add(1) utility, you can use the -v flag to get more verbose output. # pkg_delete screen screen-4.0.3p3: complete Clean shared items: complete Note: Often, it is not necessary Found rsvg . . . Extra functionality that pulls in heavy dependencies will often be packaged separately. If the testing is successful, your port will be considered to be taken up in the ports tree. check over here

PM52654 Plug-in should return 400 on incomplete requests received. PM33545 JVM problem due to DynamicSSLCacheMissComparator PM35701 http://xforce.iss.net/xforce/xfdb/68570 PM36025 Custom properties of the "SSL Configurations" disappear. PM46554 getRemoteUser name truncated when using | (pipe) delimeter PM53137 Weekday of next start date in key generation is not correct when auto key generation is enabled and repeat interval is For example: # cd /usr # tar xzf /tmp/ports.tar.gz If you'd like to be able to write to /usr/ports as a regular user, see the next section.

PI46745 A retry with rollback performed before the first checkpoint is taken causes a NullPointerException to be thrown. If your Top-Favorite-Software falls into this category, you will need to use the port and compile from source. PI69314 ELException, Can not find @Transactional annotation PI69328 CWWKZ0403E error message occurs due to error Unable to acquire the global write lock in time.

This can, for instance, happen when you coincidentally press CTRL+C during installation: # pkg_add screen-4.0.3p3 screen-4.0.3p3: complete Adjusting md5 for /usr/local/info/screen.info-3 from 49fb3fe1cc3a3b0057518459811b6dac to 3b9c7811244fb9f8d83bb27d3a0f60d8 /usr/sbin/pkg_add: Installation of screen-4.0.3p3 failed, partial PM30968 Parition table is not checked for affinity under certain conditions PM31754 Plugin crashes with ESI enabled when invalid headers are received PM32939 Failed to get a socket, Operating system err=3452 For example: database support, support for systems without X or network additions like SSL and IPv6. Note: The -u switch relies on either the PKG_PATH environment variable to be set or /etc/pkg.conf to be populated with a mirror.

gcc(1) internal compiler errors ask you to report the bug to the gcc mailing list. PM24560 NullPointerException in command framework when deployment manager starts up in a multi-cell environment PM28356 Deadlock in org.eclipse.osgi.internal.baseadaptor.DefaultClassLoader PM29702 The application JSP options are incorrect on the administrative console Web Services Examples are: making the software use the standard OpenBSD directory layout (e.g. internet Other examples include support for different database formats, different networking options (SSL, IPv6, ...), different paper sizes, etc.

PM41620 Configuring TAM fails with TAM not being able to create or add the admin user to a group PM43079 CSIv2 server session entries may not be removed upon session removal. PI50824 Scaling member may change to automatic mode on member restart PI50970 An improvement is made in the collective replica set management to better handle a network isolation condition. PI48327 WLP does not handle requests successfully during shutdown PI48759 The TCP Channel's Host Name Include and Exclude lists are case sensitive PI50766 ExecutionException raised instead of AbortedException for aborted task PM50634 In rangeRetrieval VMM only queries for initial set of attribute values.

If you want to switch on all kinds of compiler options, you are on your own. If you want to build your own signed packages, you'll first need to create keys for signing. # signify -Gns /etc/signify/my-pkg.sec -p /etc/signify/my-pkg.pub Note the names: keys for signing packages should For detailed information about package names, please refer to packages-specs(7). No extra effort is needed on the user's part to ensure packages haven't been tampered with -- pkg_add does this silently and automatically.

PM24787 Nested JSP tags do not retain parent attribute PM29098 JSP useThreadTagPool tests failing due to java2 security Object Request Broker (ORB) PM24445 RMF QUEUED WAIT measurements are inconsistent for IIOP, check my blog If you get "out of memory" type of errors when building such a port, this usually has one of two causes: Your resource limits are too restrictive. PM44700 The command generated from the console command assistance panel contains a value that should be masked. Because no intrusive changes are made in -stable, it is possible to use a -stable ports tree on a -release system and vice versa.

A sample run might look like this: $ mkdir ~/portlog $ cd /usr/ports/archivers/unzip $ make 2>&1 | /usr/ports/infrastructure/bin/portslogger ~/portlog After this, you should have a logfile of the build in your Liberty Application Services PI51184 CWWKG0031E is received after commenting out a JNDI element and then adding it back at runtime PI51375 Application Manager change to make time waiting for apps at PM36620 http://xforce.iss.net/xforce/xfdb/68571 Default Messaging Component PM31665 Sensitive information logged by SIB exception when dumping SibRaConnectionInfo object PM32130 ClassNotFoundException when starting JMSMessageListener service in WebSphere Application Server EmbeddedExpress V6.1 PM32792 Service Integration this content PM71736 CSCP007e: An unexpected error occurred in method completeActivity in class CscopeRootImpl PM72599 WSWS0046E, WSWS0045E after migrating from V6.0 to V6.1 PM75705 Deadlock encountered during server startup when attempting to process

You can easily upgrade the package to the newer version like this: # pkg_add -u unzip unzip-5.52p0 (extracting): complete unzip-5.52 (deleting): complete unzip-5.52p0 (installing): complete Clean shared items: complete When a Make sure you keep your ports tree and your OpenBSD system in sync! PI57975 Deadlock may occur when creating a java util logging Logger PI57980 Improper error when running Liberty scripts with unsupported Java version.

PI46545 Add exception to security error message CWWKS1102E.

PM24499 No proper exception messages passed over to the application client while connected to WebSphere Application Server securely. In that case, pkg_delete(1) cannot know which package to delete. In contrast to the base system, the -stable ports tree only gets security backports for the latest release. Making things easy: PKG_PATH and pkg.conf You can make things easy by defining your preferred mirror in the PKG_PATH environment variable or pkg.conf(5) file.

It has happened before that people suddenly have some free time to spend on committing ports, or their interests shift to new areas and suddenly your old submission becomes interesting, if Plug-in PM46226 32-bit plugin for Apache 2.2 needs large file support PM48820 ESI CacheID needs to be configurable to have hostname as part of the key PM49236 HP-UX does not honor PM60839 http://xforce.iss.net/xforce/xfdb/77179 PM65508 Update data written to command assistance log PM67949 Performance improvement on the creation of cluster members Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PM62577 PM50941 backported to have a peek at these guys There are, however, "no_x11" flavored packages available for many ports, which you can install without needing X11 on your system.

Offline #7 2008-01-26 13:38:33 Piero Ferraz Member From: Brazil - São Paulo Registered: 2008-01-20 Posts: 5 Re: wine-doors error mirosol wrote:Hi. Fix Pack Fix release date: 18 March 2016 Last modified: 18 March 2016 Status: Superseded Download Fix Pack Back to Top Component Security APAR APAR Description Contexts and Dependency Visiting http://www.wine-doors.org/repositories/base.repo or any of the other urls returns a 404. Quitting.

Install PM20002 Scheduler sample JCL BBOCRTTS is vague on some assumptions PM20393 http://xforce.iss.net/xforce/xfdb/65992 PM25896 .pf files in the java/lib/cmm or java64/lib/cmm cannot be accessed via a call that does not supply PM20844 Changing the temp folder used when installing resource adapters causes error in the file transfer. PI67221 Docker registry commands in the Docker deploy rule mistakenly prepend the repository with the user name. I then opened doors in a terminal to see the output: gzip: /tmp/Applications.xml.gz: not in gzip format Error: Could not find packlist /tmp/Applications.xml gzip: /tmp/System Base.xml.gz: not in gzip format Error:

PM51902 Extraneous property written to the security.xml when updating SSL JSSE entry PM52274 http://xforce.iss.net/xforce/xfdb/74044 PM53132 http://xforce.iss.net/xforce/xfdb/73748 Classloader PM47528 Incorrect validation of an unset class loader mode DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PM47486 Please do NOT use the [email protected] mailing list for questions about ports. Helping us There are many ways you can help. You will notice that certain packages are available in a few different varieties, formally called flavors.

Unlike PKG_PATH, this method doesn't rely on the environment, so it can be a bit easier to manage when things like X sessions are involved. PI56466 Access to UserTransaction methods is not correctly disabled within nested @Transactional annotations PI56467 @Transactional rollBackOn/don'tRollbackOn scans the exception class hierarchy in the wrong direction PI56529 @Transactional annotation processing code emits It is also possible to specify the absolute location of a package on the command line. PM54367 Web server plug-in connection count is decremented twice when a 503 response is received PMI/Performance Tools PM44138 ServletException when attempting to view TPV logs.

Web Services Security PM38679 JAX-RPC WS-Security error message issued when no SOAP header in message is not usable PM38681 JAX-RPC SignatureGenerator emits SAML 2.0 ValueType for a SAML 1.1 token in Why isn't it committed? Mention all the steps you followed before the problem occurred. Security updates (-stable) When serious bugs or security flaws are discovered in third party software, they are fixed in the -stable branch of the ports tree.

The packing information bundled in the package includes information about shared libraries that the package expects to be installed, both system libraries as well as third party libraries.