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Could Not Use Pygments To Highlight The Source


New in version 1.5. class pygments.lexers.parsers.RagelDLexer¶ Short names:ragel-d Filenames:*.rl MIME types:None A lexer for Ragel in a D host file. Additional options accepted: startinline If given and True the lexer starts highlighting with php code (i.e.: no starting have a peek here

New in version 1.6. class pygments.lexers.dsls.RslLexer¶ Short names:rsl Filenames:*.rsl MIME types:text/rsl RSL is the formal specification language used in RAISE (Rigorous Approach to Industrial Software Engineering) method. class pygments.lexers.c_like.SwigLexer¶ Short names:swig Filenames:*.swg, *.i MIME types:text/swig For SWIG source code. New in version 1.1. https://github.com/jashkenas/docco/issues/119

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Max (Sent from my phone) On 14 sept. 2012, at 12:57, "Rico Sta. If you want host language highlighting then call the language-specific Ragel lexer. class pygments.lexers.configs.PkgConfigLexer¶ Short names:pkgconfig Filenames:*.pc MIME types:None Lexer for pkg-config (see also manual page).

They are started by a :: at the end of the preceding paragraph and delimited by indentation. New in version 1.6. PunkChameleon commented Sep 30, 2013 I believe this repo may have something of the similar working -- https://github.com/eliias/grunt-docco. Pygments List Styles Where does the name Pygments come from?

New in version 1.1. Pygments Tutorial class pygments.lexers.basic.QBasicLexer¶ Short names:qbasic, basic Filenames:*.BAS, *.bas MIME types:text/basic For QBasic source code. New in version 2.0. https://github.com/rstacruz/lidoc/issues/3 Without the full option, code is formatted as one Verbatim environment, like this: \begin{Verbatim}[commandchars=\\\{\}] \PY{k}{def }\PY{n+nf}{foo}(\PY{n}{bar}): \PY{k}{pass} \end{Verbatim} The special command used here (\PY) and all the other macros it needs

class GifImageFormatter¶ Short names:gif Filenames:*.gif Create a GIF image from source code. Pygments Highlight New in version 0.9. If highlighting with the selected language fails (i.e. and it highlights even Perl 6!

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Guessing lexers¶ If you don't know the content of the file, or you want to highlight a file whose extension is ambiguous, such as .html (which could contain plain HTML or official site Lexer for the Elm programming language¶ class pygments.lexers.elm.ElmLexer¶ Short names:elm Filenames:*.elm MIME types:text/x-elm For Elm source code. Pygments Example We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Pygments Command Line yoffset Starting offset in Y direction, defaults to the font size if it is given in pixels, or 20 else. (This is necessary since text coordinates refer to the text baseline,

New in version 0.11. http://strobelfilms.com/could-not/day-of-defeat-source-memory-could-not-be-read.html class pygments.lexers.parsers.RagelJavaLexer¶ Short names:ragel-java Filenames:*.rl MIME types:None A lexer for Ragel in a Java host file. ensurenl Make sure that the input ends with a newline (default: True). Options accepted: bg Set to "light" or "dark" depending on the terminal's background (default: "light"). Pygments Line Numbers

If you're on a Mac, it should come with your system already. :) MoOx commented Sep 14, 2012 You should specify that into the readme :) Could you make this optional Additional options accepted: style The style to use, can be a string or a Style subclass (default: 'default'). delphi Highlight Borland Delphi specific keywords (default: True). Check This Out Lexers for Lispy languages¶ class pygments.lexers.lisp.CPSALexer¶ Short names:cpsa Filenames:*.cpsa MIME types:None A CPSA lexer based on the CPSA language as of version 2.2.12 New in version 2.1.

The PIM and ISO dialect options may be qualified with a language extension. Pygments Install Lexers for IDL¶ class pygments.lexers.idl.IDLLexer¶ Short names:idl Filenames:*.pro MIME types:text/idl Pygments Lexer for IDL (Interactive Data Language). Pygments lexers for Ezhil language¶ class pygments.lexers.ezhil.EzhilLexer¶ Short names:ezhil Filenames:*.n MIME types:text/x-ezhil Lexer for Ezhil, a Tamil script-based programming language New in version 2.1.

class pygments.lexers.jvm.GroovyLexer¶ Short names:groovy Filenames:*.groovy, *.gradle MIME types:text/x-groovy For Groovy source code.

New in version 1.6. What are the system requirements?¶ Pygments only needs a standard Python install, version 2.6 or higher or version 3.3 or higher for Python 3. New in version 1.5. class pygments.lexers.dotnet.VbNetAspxLexer¶ Short names:aspx-vb Filenames:*.aspx, *.asax, *.ascx, *.ashx, *.asmx, *.axd MIME types:None Lexer for highlighting Visual Basic.net within ASP.NET pages. Pygments Github Default: "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono" on Windows, Courier New on *nix font_size The font size in points to be used.

class pygments.lexers.markup.GroffLexer¶ Short names:groff, nroff, man Filenames:*.[1234567], *.man MIME types:application/x-troff, text/troff Lexer for the (g)roff typesetting language, supporting groff extensions. class pygments.lexers.algebra.MuPADLexer¶ Short names:mupad Filenames:*.mu MIME types:None A MuPAD lexer. New in version 2.1. this contact form More options and tricks and be found in the command line reference. © Copyright 2014, Georg Brandl and Pygments contributors.

class pygments.lexers.fortran.FortranLexer¶ Short names:fortran Filenames:*.f03, *.f90, *.F03, *.F90 MIME types:text/x-fortran Lexer for FORTRAN 90 code. New in version 1.5. Lexers for BASIC like languages (other than VB.net)¶ class pygments.lexers.basic.BlitzBasicLexer¶ Short names:blitzbasic, b3d, bplus Filenames:*.bb, *.decls MIME types:text/x-bb For BlitzBasic source code. New in version 1.6.

A name option can be provided implicit target name that can be referenced by using ref. Lexer for the Fantom language¶ class pygments.lexers.fantom.FantomLexer¶ Short names:fan Filenames:*.fan MIME types:application/x-fantom For Fantom source code. New in version 2.0. New in version 2.1.