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The $ doesn't #need to be escaped, but it doesn't hurt and serves to make the set #prompt command different than the regex. # used to match the command-line prompt self.UNIQUE_PROMPT Itwillnotwaitfor30secondsforanother99characterstocomein. Linux comes with quite a few shells such as Bourne Shell, Bourne Again Shell, C Shell, Korn Shell, etc. See man bash, man sh, and man 3 readline. http://strobelfilms.com/could-not/could-not-use-secure-shell-protocol.html

Word for fake religious people What's the difference between ls and la? Best case sync time gets worse with a high sync multiplier (500 ms with default). ''' # All of these timing pace values are magic. # I came up with these You can add any number of directories to this list. up vote 3 down vote favorite 2 I am trying to set my shell prompt by inserting the following line into .bashrc in my home directory: export PS1="\[\e[01;36m\][\u]\[\e[0m\] \[\e[01;37m\]\W\[\e[0m\] $ " https://github.com/pexpect/pexpect/issues/344

Pxssh Could Not Synchronize With Original Prompt

Crazy 8s Code Golf Why did Tarkin undertake this course of action at the end of Rogue One? current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. This #is because when you set the prompt the command will echo back, but we #don't want to match the echoed command.

When it finds the prompt it immediately tries to reset the prompt to something more easily matched. self.close() raise ExceptionPxssh ('password refused') elif i==3: # permission denied -- password was bad. asked 2 years ago viewed 3759 times active 2 years ago Related 3pexpect and ssh: how to format a string of commands after su - root -c1Python Pexpect SSH Command Line Pxssh Ssh Key self.close() raise ExceptionPxssh ('Weird error.

This is a complicated subject and readline even has its own per-user config file. Pxssh Download Add the following line to your ~/.bashrc export PS1='[\[email protected]\h \w] ' tcsh has an online manual (just its man page), with a section on the prompt environment variables. A few of the variables that are set are HOME=/home/david would set the home directory to /home/david. read this post here Try echo $SHELL. –ssmy Mar 10 '13 at 22:34 Yes.

Tips For Linux >> How to set Shell Environment Variables (bash shell) In Linux the command line interpreter is known as the shell. Auto_prompt_reset=false Cheers again Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Hence an ls command would look something like boss> ls All your commands would now be typed at a ' boss ' prompt instead of a ' $ ' prompt. - Echoing $SHELL will print an environment variable called SHELL.

Pxssh Download

This sends shell commands to the remote host to set the prompt, so this assumes the remote host is ready to receive commands. http://pexpect.readthedocs.io/en/stable/_modules/pexpect/pxssh.html I also tried to run an interactive shell after logging in, but it does not set PS1 either. Pxssh Could Not Synchronize With Original Prompt It would most probably be the bash shell in case you are a new user and have been assigned the default shell. Pxssh Set_unique_prompt Libertine and TIPA Sans Serif A published paper stole my unpublished results from a science fair Could large but sparsely populated country control its borders?

prompt(self, timeout=20)Thismatchestheshellprompt.Thisislittlemorethanashort-cut totheexpect()method.ThisreturnsTrueiftheshellpromptwas matched.ThisreturnsFalseiftherewasatimeout.Notethatifyou calledlogin()withauto_prompt_resetsettoFalsethenyoushouldhave manuallysetthePROMPTattributetoaregexpatternformatchingthe prompt. pxssh uses the shell prompt to synchronize output from the remote host. Why was the plane going to Dulles? Typing the following at the shell $ echo $SHELL would give you the name of the current shell you are using. Pxssh Custom Prompt

self.sendline() time.sleep(0.5) self.read_nonblocking(size=10000,timeout=1) # GAS: Clear out the cache before getting the prompt time.sleep(0.1) self.sendline() time.sleep(0.5) x = self.read_nonblocking(size=1000,timeout=1) time.sleep(0.1) self.sendline() time.sleep(0.5) a = self.read_nonblocking(size=1000,timeout=1) time.sleep(0.1) self.sendline() time.sleep(0.5) b = self.read_nonblocking(size=1000,timeout=1) This process runs within what is called an environment. In order to make this more robust it sets the shell prompt to something more unique than just $ or #. linux ubuntu users share|improve this question edited Nov 10 '09 at 11:19 Arjan 22.8k95798 asked Nov 10 '09 at 9:46 Alex 274102341 migrated from stackoverflow.com Nov 10 '09 at 9:48 This

Many X display managers (xdm, gdm, kdm, etc.) will automatically start a GUI agent. Pxssh Options Built with Sphinx using a theme provided by Read the Docs. self.close() raise ExceptionPxssh ('permission denied') elif i==4: # terminal type again?

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In the case of a timeout when looking for the prompt we assume that the original prompt was so weird that we could not match it, so we use a few why do they give the same output? This would set a parameter by the name VARIABLE with the value that you provide. Pxssh Expect Example Shortest auto-destructive loop Who were the red-robed citizens of Jedha City?

For example, if the session is your first login, then pxssh automatically accepts the remote certificate; or if you have public key authentication setup then pxssh won't wait for the password Why did Tarkin undertake this course of action at the end of Rogue One? Data descriptors inherited from pexpect.spawn: __dict__ dictionaryforinstancevariables(ifdefined) __weakref__ listofweakreferencestotheobject(ifdefined) Data __all__ = ['ExceptionPxssh', 'pxssh'] __revision__ = '$Revision: 399 $' __version__ = '2.3' Many X display managers (xdm, gdm, kdm, etc.) will automatically start a GUI agent.

This is little more than a short-cut to the :meth:`~pexpect.spawn.expect` method. It defines what you want your shell prompt to look like. Splitting a line into two Do SSDs reduce the usefulness of Databases Could aliens colonize Earth without realizing humans are people too? Member takluyver commented Apr 19, 2016 Can you ssh to those other servers manually, and is there anything odd about them when you do?

if auto_prompt_reset: if not self.set_unique_prompt(): self.close() raise ExceptionPxssh ('could not set shell prompt\n'+self.before) return True def logout (self): """This sends exit to the remote shell. It's more reliable to try to match the original prompt as exactly as possible to prevent false matches by server strings such as the "Message Of The Day". WTF? Output the first position in your program for each input character Does a byte contain 8 bits, or 9?