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We reproduce this issue but not on node where umm on off was performed. Binlog found at /data/mysql, up to mysql-bin.000004 Sun Jan 18 13:08:11 2015 - [info] Master setting check done. Change has also been made to display the protocol of inet6 sockets as "tcp6", "udp6" ( QX:QXCR1001322547 ) When a subnet's network or broadcast address is assigned as the IP address, 都是曾经而已 目录视图 摘要视图 订阅 Java 编程入门(系列) Python数据分析与挖掘经典案例实战 “我的2016”主题征文活动 heartbeat错误:ERROR: Could not send gratuitous arps.

See, that's why I referred to a "workaround", rather than a "solution". > The send_arp.linux.c code file has different semantics than > send_arp.libnet.c (I doubt it was ever tested), and can Closes-Bug: #1463382 Change-Id: I4104bc79a3ad0fabe9a7736a6b9c820aa0b09f37 Alexey Stupnikov (astupnikov) on 2015-12-09 tags: added: on-verification Alexey Stupnikov (astupnikov) wrote on 2015-12-16: #22 Verified on Fuel-6.1 tags: removed: on-verification OpenStack Infra (hudson-openstack) wrote on 2016-08-22: Cheers, Florian Attachments: signature.asc (0.25 KB) lmb at suse Sep16,2009,11:36AM Post #5 of 5 (3267 views) Permalink Re: [Linux-HA] Problem with gratuitous arps in IPaddr2 [In reply to] On 2009-09-16T18:35:54, Andrew Beekhof <andrew Resolution: Code has been modified to fix the issue. ( QX:QXCR1001186001 ) The output of ndd help text is not formatted properly due to a missing newline character.

Sun Jan 18 13:19:41 2015 - [error][/usr/local/share/perl5/MHA/MasterMonitor.pm, ln214] Failed to get master_ip_failover_script status with return code 255:0. Sun Jan 18 12:31:48 2015 - [info] Reading server configurations from /etc/masterha/app1.cnf.. Sun Jan 18 13:19:41 2015 - [info] Checking master_ip_failover_script status: Sun Jan 18 13:19:41 2015 - [info] /usr/local/bin/master_ip_failover --command=status --ssh_user=root --orig_master_host= --orig_master_ip= --orig_master_port=3306 Bareword "FIXME_xxx" not allowed while "strict subs" in ERROR: [40263] File "/etc/rc.config.d/netconf-ipv6" should have mtime "1302557053" but the actual mtime is "1302558097".

Sun Jan 18 13:23:57 2015 - [info] Checking replication health on Affecting: Fuel for OpenStack Filed here by: Tatyanka When: 2015-06-09 Confirmed: 2015-06-11 Assigned: 2015-06-09 Started work: 2015-08-03 Completed: 2015-09-07 Target Distribution Baltix BOSS Juju Charms Collection Elbuntu Guadalinex Guadalinex Edu Kiwi For example, if a tcp inet6 server is started on port 23456, running netstat will display #netstat | grep 23456 tcp 0 0 *.23456 *.* LISTEN tcp 0 0 *.23456 *.* The obvious workaround, >> per Lars' and Dejan's suggestion, is to compile resource-agents on a >> system with libnet installed. > > No, the right solution would be to fix the

PHNE_36280: ( QX:QXCR1000591362 SR:8606495267 CR:JAGag47189 ) System panics with the following stack trace: bad_news+0x3b0 bubbledown+0x0 mi_timeout_exec+0x280 invoke_callouts_for_self+0x460 soft_intr_handler+0x1c0 external_interrupt+0x3e0 bubbledown+0x0 idle+0xea0 PHNE_35352: ( QX:QXCR1000587716 SR:8606490398 CR:JAGag42842 ) Improper processing of TCP rc=127(1438) linux踢出远程登录用户命令(1388) nagios安装snmp插件(1200) 总结(1190) avahi-daemon(1136) 评论排行 高性能Mysql主从架构的复制原理及配置详解(0) linux 查看当前字符编码和编码转换(0) linux 修改默认编码(0) 把mbr分区转换成gpt分区(0) linux 中 scp 文件到远程主机报错(0) linux core文件(0) RHEL双网卡绑定(0) linux下查看当前用户登录的命令(0) linux踢出远程登录用户命令(0) tcpdump命令(0) 推荐文章 * Android 反编译初探 应用是如何被注入广告的 * 凭兴趣求职80%会失败,为什么 * 安卓微信自动抢红包插件优化和实现 Make tcphashsz tunable an auto-tunable parameter 4. To get full advantage of this CR, install DLPI patch PHNE_43470.Changes in DLPI patch are done through CR QXCR1001397084.

Sun Jan 18 13:27:22 2015 - [warning] shutdown_script is not defined. Ubuntu has 3.9.3 and CentOS has 3.9.5. rc=127 在把资源从备机切换到主机的过程中, 花现hb的日志出现了这个错误“ERROR: Could not send gratuitous arps. ok.

VERSION:   feature_groups:     - mirantis   production: "docker"   release: "6.1"   openstack_version: "2014.2.2-6.1"   api: "1.0"   build_number: "521"   build_id: "2015-06-08_06-13-27"   nailgun_sha: "4340d55c19029394cd5610b0e0f56d6cb8cb661b"   python-fuelclient_sha: "4fc55db0265bbf39c369df398b9dc7d6469ba13b"   astute_sha: "7766818f079881e2dbeedb34e1f67e517ed7d479"   fuel-library_sha: "f43c2ae1af3b493ee0e7810eab7bb7b50c986c7d"   fuel-ostf_sha: "7c938648a246e0311d05e2372ff43ef1eb2e2761"   fuelmain_sha: "bcc909ffc5dd5156ba54cae348b6a07c1b607b24" See original description Check This Out Looks good Writing Makefile for mha4mysql::node [root mha4mysql-node-0.56]$ make && make install 方法二、 安装MHA node所需的perl模块(DBD:mysql)也可以通过脚本安装,安装脚本如下:(个人不建议用这样的方法安装,安装时间比较长,本人试过,蛋碎一地,太多问题了,要花时间去找资料,而且我们不能确定这些依赖带来的问题是否影响后面的使用) [root ~]$ cat install.sh #!/bin/bash wget http://xrl.us/cpanm --no-check-certificate mv cpanm /usr/bin chmod 755 /usr/bin/cpanm Sun Jan 18 13:08:11 2015 - [info] Executing command : apply_diff_relay_logs --command=test --slave_user=root --slave_host= --slave_ip= --slave_port=3306 --workdir=/tmp --target_version=5.5.60-log --manager_version=0.56 --relay_log_info=/data/mysql/relay-log.info --relay_dir=/data/mysql/ --slave_pass=xxx Sun Jan 18 13:08:11 2015 - [info] Connecting to DEB package fuel-library has been built for project stackforge/fuel-library.

Others of the BadNews: >Jul 14 19:34:04 BadNews: Jul 14 19:33:33 hadev4 IPaddr[3193]: ERROR: unable to find an interface for >04 >Jul 14 19:34:04 BadNews: Jul 14 19:33:33 hadev4 ResourceManager[3119]: This happend many times during the Stonithd test before. >As a temporarily solution, i added one line "/etc/init.d/network restart" to the /etc/rc.d/rc. Sun Jan 18 12:31:50 2015 - [debug] Sun Jan 18 12:31:49 2015 - [debug] Connecting via SSH from [email protected]( to [email protected]( http://strobelfilms.com/could-not/could-not-send-gratuitous-arps-rc-1.html But unfortunately,this line was executed after the heartbeat started.

run cinder-manage service list 11. s/libnet calls/standalone calls/ 5. Resolution: Enhancement is implemented.

HP-UX Transport SRP version B.11.31.04 must also be installed for this fix to work. ( QX:QXCR1001257329 ) pstat_getsocket()/getsockname() on RAWIP socket before bind will cause sendto() to fail.

PHNE_39709: ( QX:QXCR1000810547 ) inet6_rth_add() can be called more than "segments" times, where "segments" is the last parameter to inet6_rth_init(). ssh on controller and run umm on 6. Creating /tmp if not exists.. Mark as duplicate Convert to a question Link a related branch Link to CVE You are not directly subscribed to this bug's notifications.

Checking slave recovery environment settings.. OSCI Robot (oscirobot) wrote on 2015-10-05: #19 NOTE: Changeset is not merged, created temporary package repository. This means following: 1) For CentOS(6.1 only) we need to change the format of SENDARP command arguments to satisfy arping one 2) For Ubuntu (6.1 and 7.0) we need to send http://strobelfilms.com/could-not/could-not-send-gratuitous.html Sun Jan 18 13:23:57 2015 - [info] ok.

Tough luck then. In this case, inet6_rth_add() actually inserts more than "segments" addresses,exceeding the bounds of the IPV6_RTHDR structure ("bp") and potentially corrupting user data. ( QX:QXCR1000812128 ) When using IPv6_PKTINFO and if_index for Sun Jan 18 13:27:22 2015 - [info] (current master) +-- +-- Sun Jan 18 13:27:22 2015 - [warning] master_ip_failover_script is not defined. Resolution: Fix is in place to resolve the issue of sendto fail. ( QX:QXCR1001302019 ) ENOBUFS part should specify this error could be returned either if there is a memory allocation