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Could Not Retrieve The Heartbeat Time From The Client 2

Author Rod Kruetzfelds has been working for six years as a senior consultant, designing and implementing SMS. If there is no response after approximately 48 hours, the unit will be marked as a 'Heartbeat Failure' unit. Cannot upload the logs to Oracle ASR Infrastructure. Not processing this CCR SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 02-02-2004 14:15:11 3612 (0x0E1C---> Completed request "NB16P7SQ", machine name "PC21401". http://strobelfilms.com/could-not/engine-error-could-not-get-client-dll-from-library-client.html

You signed in with another tab or window. Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. For M8000/M9000, the test_snmp_get command has been run against the standby XSCF. If you feel that ASR Manager is configured correctly, then you can troubleshoot your ASR Manager hardware to resolve the problem.

Can't proceed with activation. This implies that the server heartbeat broadcast is not suitable for commands. From the ASR Manager, run: For Oracle Solaris: svcadm restart asrm For Linux: service asrm restart 5.7 Service Tags Troubleshooting This section provides a variety of steps to check on the

com.sun.svc.asr.util.diag.zip.file.prefix – The property for configuring the diagnostic data .zip file's name. SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 02-02-200414:15:11 3612 (0x0E1C)Post by Thomas---> Could not retrieve the site config timestamp from the client (2)SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 02-02-2004 14:15:11 3612 (0x0E1C)Post by Thomas---> Client type to be installed on PC21401: Advanced A will update B’s status to ‘online’ once A starts receiving heartbeats from B again. If so does it have adminrights to Computer B?

The client PUSHes heartbeats to the server. If it is a local adminon computer B try to connect to the admin$ of machine B to make sure theaccount can conenct.--Thanks,Jeff Harbaugh [MSFT]This posting is provided "AS IS" with Creating a backup is crucial when recovering from a crash (see "ASR Backup and Restore" for a details on creating an ASR backup). 5.4 ASR - No Heartbeat Heartbeat is configured http://www.myitforum.com/forums/m180217-print.aspx If the client fails to recieve a heartbeat for too long, it will query the configuration interface to receive a possible configuration update.

You are getting access denied. This ASR host is registered and activated to itself. The Service Request (SR) number format should be valid. Info: Displays not only informational data, but also both warnings and severe messages.

Run: svcs | grep sthwreg The results should look like this: online Aug_23 svc:/application/sthwreg:default If the serial number is incorrect, contact Oracle Support to resolve the problem. 5.7.7 Cannot Retrieve the http://microsoft.public.sms.setup.narkive.com/AvVeudVQ/client-push-installation-client-not-assigned Set heartbeat thread and session monitor thread to be daemon. 4. lifetimehow long in seconds this configuration is good for. M-10 XSCF.

Prior to configuring FMA, complete the following steps: To check that the state of the SMA service is online, run: svcs sma If SMA is online, the state should indicate online, http://strobelfilms.com/could-not/could-not-set-file-modification-time-of.html All ASR assets are now re-configured to report failures to the new ASR Manager host ASRHOST02, and the trap destination is changed to report failures to ASRHOST02. To view the current level of information being gathered, run: asr> get_loglevel To change the logging level, run: asr> set_loglevel [level] The choices for level are: trace, debug, info, warn, or To resolve the problem, you must configure the asset manually to send alerts to the ASR Manager.

SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 8/3/2004 4:08:31 PM 812 (0x032C)---> Could not retrieve the site config timestamp from the client (2) SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 8/3/2004 4:08:31 PM 812 (0x032C)---> Unable to retrieve the mobile client version from Please refer to ASR documentation for troubleshooting steps. It contains fine, informational, warnings and severe messages. Source Reload to refresh your session. 9/14 5 ASR General Troubleshooting This chapter provides a variety of troubleshooting procedures for the ASR software.

ClassCastException while uploading file to Oracle ASR Infrastructure. http://sourceforge.net/projects/smsclictr But if you're just looking for a quick way to see if the service is running, you can either look at \\computername\c$\windows\system32\ccm\logs\execmgr.log or several other logs in this folder to Uses nano timestamp value as namespace. 2.

Error: Displays the least amount of information; severe messages only.

Refer to Configure ASR to Send HTTPS Traffic Through a Proxy Server to correct the information. Then point ASR Manager to use this latest Java version. Here's my setup:Computer A: Active Directory Domain Controller.Computer B: SMS 2003 Primary Site Server with SQL 2000 SP3a, IIS, BITS, CAP, SLP, MP, DP, RPI've configured the server to use Active A signed GET to this endpoint will retrieve the appropriate configuration information.

He is a senior consultant for a national Canadian Microsoft Gold Partner. Verify that the asset has the right Solaris minimum required version and patch level as per the ASR qualified systems web page (see http://www.oracle.com/asr for more information). I have also tried to install the clients using the "Client Push Wizard" but this wound not change a thing!! ?When I tries to install the clients manual using \\\smsclient\i386\client.msi have a peek here Possible items to include are: The port the command processor is listening on.

For Solaris: svcadm restart asrm For Linux: service asrm restart 5.3 ASR Manager Crash Recovery In cases where an ASR Manager experiences a critical failure, you can set up a new Can't proceed with activation. The ASR Manager uses the SNMP GET to retrieve additional fault information (such as, FRU part number, serial number, and slot location) from the product. The older version set the interval between reconnecting is 10 seconds,now set it to 0 seconds. 7.Improve JMX supports.Add a new method to XMemcachedClientMBean: /** * Set a memcached server's weight

This is to ease running multiple clients on the same host for scalability testing; we will want to be able to run many hundreds of clients on the same machine rather Check if the Service Tags services are installed and online using the following command: svcs | grep reg The results should be similar to the following example: online Aug_23 svc:/application/stosreg:default online The discovery system would allocate the clients to various active servers and if a client lost the server heartbeat for a certain length of time (or got a reconfigure command via The Service Processor (SP) and Fault Management (FM) Management Information Base ("MIB") is enabled.

microsoft.public.sms.setup Discussion: Client Installation failure (too old to reply) @discussions.microsoft.com> 2004-08-03 23:35:03 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Hopefully someone can help me with my question. In the Settings pane on the left of the window, select Assets (located under the Administrative submenu). The protocol described here is loosely based on the Paranoid Pirate Protocol, but with some complications introduced because of the need for signing. Activation failures: This asset cannot be activated.

The final step for activating an ASR Asset includes this command: asr> activate_asset -i [host IP address] When activation fails, the following error message displays: Cannot retrieve the SASM IP address, Make log more friendly. 7.