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Note: If NTLM is required, then a full LAPI installation is needed. Check with your network or Livelink administrator to see if the Google Search Appliance or the connector manager has access to the Livelink server port. Already a member? If Removing Collections or Objects: Remove access for the object/collection for the account. have a peek at this web-site

are not linked to personally identifiable information. Use direct web link to the content in LiveLink. 25. What is a real-world metaphor for irrational numbers? This can be difficult to determine, but the Crawl Diagnostics page tells you which content files have not been indexed. read this article

Opentext Livelink Api

The default value is 2099. Connector Configuration Parameters The following table describes the connector configuration parameters: Name Description Values and Usage Host The host name of the machine to connect to. The Add Connector page prompts you to enter values for all required configuration parameters. For example, if ConnectorInstall1 is installed on port 8080, do not use port 8081 for ConnectorInstall2.

to 12 a.m. Please see the Opt-out section. Sever-sort an array Is every parallelogram a rectangle ?? Livelink’s functionality is organized into core modules, which are pre- installed with the base Livelink software, and optional modules, which are installed separately.

Complete the fields that are displayed. Opentext Knowledge Center Validate that the source building process is executed without errors: In the navigation panel on the left, click Status, and then validate that the indexing proceeds without errors. The Add Source page that appears is organized in three sections. https://forum.mendixcloud.com/link/questions/4812 takes reasonable measures to protect your personal information.

Type the search appliance administrator user name in the GSA UserID field. Type the search appliance port number in the GSA Port field. Active Languages If you defined custom active language sets, ensure to select the most appropriate for this source (see Adding and Configuring a Language Set). If you enter the Service URL and it contains a URL ending in .local or .domain, you see the error Invalid connector manager URL.

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Remove all content from the index. http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSWLLY_8.6.0/com.ibm.discovery.ci.nav.doc/messages_connectors_livelink.htm Logical Archives: A Logical Organization Unit Used To Store Data In Well-organized Way. Opentext Livelink Api Any pending input will be lost. This module is called the OpenText Object Importer.

Livelink Contd.  Some of the main benefits of using LiveLink:  Central repository. Check This Out When users reconnect after working offline, LiveLink Explorer ensures that the offline changes remain synchronized with changes to items in the LiveLink repository and vice-versa. 29. Attribute sets and assoc values like ExtendedData are not indexed as a group. Account Description Traversal user A Livelink user account that the connector uses for indexing Livelink content.

Reset the connector so that those particular objects/folders from the index will be removed. The following SQL CREATE INDEX statement shows the general idea: CREATE INDEX DTree_Google ON DTree (ModifyDate, DataID) You can use Oracle Enterprise Manager or SQL Server Enterprise Manager to create the When you reset the traversal, the content is traversed in full from the beginning point and the index is recreated. Source Where do I get the database name setting?

Any other schedule with the same beginning and ending time never runs, either for a connector or for the Google Search Appliance’s standard crawl function. The first three log file names would be google-connectors.0.log, google-connectors.1.log, and google-connectors.2.log. may use this information to send you the Oshyn, Inc.

The connector uses the following SQL ORDER BY clause: ORDER BY DTree.ModifyDate, DTree.DataID By default, this sort requires a full table scan.

Main Services Portfolio Resources Partners Who we are Contact © 2016 OSHYN < ALL BLOGS Oshyn Leads the Char... > Basic Content Server Installation and Configuration 11.09.11/ Carlos Martinez OpenText Content When you examine the connector logs, error messages labeled SEVERE or Exception are good starting points. Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide! Therefore, you must monitor the performance of both the Google Search Appliance and the content management system regularly, and make manual adjustments to the traversal schedules of connectors to optimize performance.

On the Choose Install Folder panel, click Next to accept the default location or click Choose to navigate to a different folder, then click Next. Ensure that these files are available: connector-otex.jar lapi.jar llssl.jar (optional) Requirements when Apache Tomcat is on a Microsoft Windows Host The following requirements must be met when you install the connector OR Click Add to create a new collection (see Adding a Collection). http://strobelfilms.com/could-not/could-not-retrieve-version-number-rainbow-six.html In the case of UNIX, use an NFS mount.

HTTP Username The Web server user name. Testing by Open Text has shown that the performance improvement obtained by locating the external document store on the primary Livelink host is marginal compared to locating it on a remote Log Files Like most standard web site servers we use log files. A category attribute named Comment is combined with the object info and version info attributes that are also named Comment.

Document pipeline components  DP- Conveyor Belt, Document Pipeline Reads Document Pipeline Configuration ,Call Doctool With Parameter Document Directory.  Doctool – Retrieve ,Process Doc. For example: http://proxy.myexample.com:81/tomcat/connector-manager Click Save. asked 4 years ago viewed 2008 times active 3 years ago Related 4Preserve original file date when uploading to OpenText LiveLink-1What is MetaData in OpenText LiveLink?0Function Menu in OpenText Content Server If access is not allowed, then you need to use HTTP tunneling to access Livelink.

Livelink organizes objects in a hierarchy that can be represented as a tree in computer science. Specifies whether the search user's credentials should be passed to the web server for authentication. To run the installer in graphical mode, execute the following command: ./GCI.bin LAX_VM/java_location_to_java for example, ./GCI.bin LAX_VM /usr/java/j2sdk1.5.2_x/bin/java To run the installer in console mode, execute the command in Step 3